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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ram naam chanting

Came across this interesting article by Atul Thakur on the way of RAM NAAM chanting....worth trying...

Ram mantra is considered to be Taraka mantra. The Sanskrit word Taraka denotes a star. A star traverses in space and acts as a guiding light. Similarly, a Taraka mantra is that which provides guidance and helps liberate one’s self from the cycle of birth and re-birth. When examined, one finds that the word Ram is a combination of two sounds, Raa and Om - sounds of two very important and powerful chakras or centers within the human body.

There are seven chakras in the human body (I won’t go into detail in this article). The lower three chakras deal with one’s material life while the upper 4 deal with one’s spiritual life. The sixth center is the Ajna chakra, which is located between the eyebrows, is considered the king of all chakras. To become spiritually elevated, the body’s prana or life force has to pass through this center. This chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness and is where the powerful light of the ‘Inner Guru’ resides. The third center or Manipurak Chakra is the king of the lower centers and controls the materialistic aspect of life. Anyone with a strong third chakra will usually have all the material comforts in life. Therefore, one’s material strength is not only dependent on our Karma (actions), but is also dependent on the Manipurak chakra.

Meaning of RAM Mantra:
As mentioned earlier, the word Ram comprises of two parts - Raa and Om. When the two sounds are joined, it forms Ram. The sound of the third chakra is Raa, while the sound of the sixth chakra is Om. By reciting Raa, the karma stored in the lower centers is churned. By adding Om to the end, the churned karma is submitted to the sixth chakra (Ajna Chakra) where the light of the Guru evaporates the karma.
This mantra is also called the ‘mantra of Surrender’ as one is surrendering the karmafrom the third chakra to the sixth chakra. As karma is removed by the sixth center, the ego is reduced and the light of higher consciousness shines through. A sense of lightness and happiness prevails over the body and gives one the power to help one cross the ocean of samsara or life.

How to Chant:
The chanting of the mantra should be done with a lot of vibrations. Beginning the mantra with Ra, the focus should be at the nabhi (navel) and when the sound progresses toOm, the focus should be between the eyebrows – the Ajna Chakra. Both the sounds must have as much vibration as possible. In order to receive its benefit, the mantra should be recited by prolonging the word Ram i.e. Raaamm.
It is important to note that nothing should be recited or chanted before or after the mantra. In fact, the word Ramitself is sufficient and anything added to the mantra only dilutes its effectiveness. Furthermore, one should be attentive and focused, concentrating on the third and sixthchakra.
Over time whoever chanted the name of Ram became famous, strong and attained salvation. Hanuman, a great devotee of Lord Ram, recited this mantra mentally and served and surrendered to Sri Ram every second of the day. He was able to subdue the powerful planets and their effects and perform miraculous feats for Sri Ram. Swami Tulsidas recited the mantra and become a famous poet, and Sage Valmiki overcame his past karma and became a great writer.
In the current environment, this mantra can resolve any mental and/or physical problems one may face. Just surrender your worries to the third eye (Ajna Chakra) while chanting this mantra, and let the higher power resolve the issues. Of course, one’s prayers should always wish well for others and should never foster any negative thoughts towards any being.


Rev. Lynn said...

Thank you for this information

7bd117b4-7547-11e2-a587-000bcdcb5194 said...

I was not aware of this before.... useful info... thanx a million :)

Vasanth said...

ramoham- i am lord ram

krishnoham- i am lord krishna
alloham -i am lord allah

yesuham- i am lord yesu
Aham Brahmasmi- i am the lord

God and man are same not different-Saint Adishanakara

Pls dont mistak me:Hanuman does chant ram mantra.But I dont think he did get these powers because he was also chanting ram mantra as he was a rudra avathar.He had power of lord shiva already.It is mentioned in hanuman chalisa also he is rudra avathar

Kaustubh said...

@ Vasanth

Vasanth - There's nothing to feel bad if you say Hanuman's source of power was Shiva and not Ram! When you say Aham Brahmasmi - i expected a more on formlessness of the almighty, rather than source of power of Hanuman.

I really feel it is our limitation to not perceive the almighty as is because he is not visible and his presence cannot be felt so easily though the almighty is undeniably all-pervading. It is the quality in your persona which is pre-dominant by nature which helps you to associate with a respective demi-god. Hanuman is great because he felt his Guru is more than capable to help him achieve the formless almighty. He loved his Guru to such an extent and Guru could offer nothing in return but his true essence...formless all-pervading being

Shravan said...

Great info. Thanks

anvidh k said...

Nice Post. Regards,
hanuman chalisa.

sanjeev banga said...

Jai sri ram ,dear sir plsss ek doubt clear kar de maine naam daan le rakha hai sri ram ka guru ji se to mujhe wo pura mantra japna chahiye ya sirf raaaammm prayapt hai....plsss reply

sanjeev banga said...

Jai sri ram ,dear sir plsss ek doubt clear kar de maine naam daan le rakha hai sri ram ka guru ji se to mujhe wo pura mantra japna chahiye ya sirf raaaammm prayapt hai....plsss reply

Jyothi Sree said...

Jai Sree Ram.It is believed that reciting hanuman chalisa is very powerful as it helps reduce the effects of Sade Sati, and also bring good health and prosperity.

Vivek Kumar said...

Even lord mahadev each second chants Ram in his m3ditation and he says mata parvati to chants Ram name.

Vivek Kumar said...

Even lord krishna asked pandav to chant Ram name to get his kundon back. Such is the glory of my lord Ram.
Jai shri Ram.

Vivek Kumar said...

I mean kingdom

Shashwat Khokhar said...

Ram naam hi pryapt hai. No doubt at all. Say it Raaaaaammmmmm......

Shashwat Khokhar said...

Ram naam hi pryapt hai. No doubt at all. Say it Raaaaaammmmmm......